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Things to Consider When Planning Your New Bathroom

Perhaps you are currently looking for ideas for themes for bathrooms. I will take a look at a few effective bathroom designs in this here, which may help as you consider your remodeling project.

Ideas for You To Consider

1. Compact:

In this bathroom, a wall divides the sink area from the shower area. The oval window is very effective and acts as a focal point. As a special added feature they have decided to feature a ‘built-in’ toilet tank, which keeps this bathroom looking neat and compact.

a bathroom that is showing wear and tear

Perhaps this was once a simple rectangular shaped bathroom, but it didn’t take much to convert it into what it is now. Instead of using an entire shower stall, all that was necessary was the shower floor basin and the glass door. Because the sink and the shower are next to each other, it wouldn’t have been too complicated to re-route the plumbing.

Note how important it would have been for all measurements to be 100% accurate in this bathroom’s floor plan; a few inches out and these features would not have fitted into their designated spaces.

All in all, a functional and effective bathroom, that looks great too.

2. Functional:

In the image below, we see something completely different. Here the toilet has actually been built-in to the vanity. This saves on space, and is visually effective because the vanity, sink, and toilet all appear to be one unit, which eliminates any sense of clutter.

This would be a relatively simple bathroom to remodel. However, the vanity unit and the tub are built-in, so it more than likely required the expertise of a contractor. The large mirror also adds depth to this bathroom.

Even though this design is close to perfect, a glass shower wall and a shower in the tub would have added an extra function to this bathroom, at very little cost both financially and aesthetically.

Aesthetically speaking, the use of an espresso finished wooden window frame would have been the cherry on top.

3. Spacious:

This bathroom below is larger than most.

a large bathroom with freestanding tub

Here we see an example of a freestanding tub. While it does not rest on feet like a claw foot tub would, it has not been built-in to the room and creates a non-fixed relaxed atmosphere. Here you can see the use of the ‘triangle’ as a way to position fixtures effectively. If one were to walk from the sink to the tub to the toilet, they will have walked in a triangle.

The glass shower area in the left hand corner is well positioned. With or without it, this bathroom would remain effective, but with it, it’s highly functional.

Plumbing in a bathroom of this size would take some extra special care as the features that require plumbing are positioned some distance from one another.

The large windows create ample natural light, and the large mirror adds even more depth to this room, which is effective; however, in a bathroom of this size, it’s not essential. Remember, too much space in a bathroom can remove the intimacy element of a natural environment.

All in all, if you have the space, this minimalist design would be a great option.

4. Positioning:

The bathroom below contains every feature necessary for a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

beautiful bathrom that uses light and angles to mak it seem larger

This room also began as a simple square shaped bathroom, but the clever use of angles has turned this room into an eye-catching showpiece. Here we see that the toilet has been placed in the corner of the room and a waist-height wall has been built for added privacy. In a bathroom this elegant, it feels appropriate.

The shower area is very large, purely because there is enough space in the room to create one this large. Had the shower been rectangular in shape the aesthetic value of this bathroom would not have been as great.

Not only does this bathroom feature a double vanity, it also features a separate wall unit for ‘particular’ grooming and storage space.

The skylight in this bathroom above the bath area is also very effective and attractive. Besides the wall unit, most of these features (including the ceiling fan), will have needed to have been installed by a contractor, in order for them to function perfectly.

While creating a bathroom like this in your home would be a real treat, there are factors you would need to consider when you create your plans, and these are concerned with the ages of your family members; if you have any living with you in your home.

Who Will Be Using the Bathroom?

Do you have children? Do you have elderly persons living with you? Do you have friends who are disabled, that visit often? These are important factors to consider when you create your bathroom’s floor plan. While you will be free to do as you please when it comes to your master bathroom; the bathroom to be used by your children, or elderly folk, will need to be more functional than it is aesthetically pleasing.

For example, if you are designing a bathroom for a child; consider purchasing fixtures that can be repositioned without difficulty. A hanging mirror that can be raised once the children get bigger, a low freestanding single or double vanity that can easily be replaced when the children become teenagers, and a step for the children to stand on to get into the bath tub, are all examples of child-friendly bathroom features.

Try to use wall-mounted faucets for your child’s bathtub, as children like to play in a bathtub, and may easily bump themselves on a faucet installed on the edge of the tub’s rim. Use grab-rails in the tub, to give the children a firm hold when they step out the tub.

examples of child-friendly bathroom features

If you have a shower in your child’s bathroom, be sure that the faucets are easy to open and close. Lever faucets are easiest for children to use. They should be installed low enough in the shower for your children to reach.

Light switches should also be installed at a height that can be reached by your children. Use a baby seat on your child’s toilet, and a small step to help your child get onto the toilet. The baby seat is small, and without it (and this is no joke) a child could easily fall into the toilet!

These are the types of considerations you will need to make when you put your bathroom plans together. Always put the needs of your family above your aesthetic requirements. You will soon discover that with clever planning you can create a bathroom that serves aesthetic and functional purposes together beautifully.

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